• Tiina Tiihonen
  • 9.11.2023

Healthcare resource shortage: Can the solution be found in technology?

Growing treatment queues, nurse shortages, challenges with foreign labor, healthcare guarantees, an aging population, and welfare area budget cuts… Headlines paint a stark picture of the state of Finnish healthcare. A robust public healthcare system has long been a source of Finnish pride. Every individual has been able to rely on receiving quality care at the time of illness, irrespective of income level.

But now, a healthcare crisis has emerged. Tightening healthcare guarantees coincide with diminishing resources. Everyone acknowledges the need for action, but the potential for sound and impactful decisions remains hindered by inadequate funding and bureaucracy. Have we reached a deadlock, facing the impossible?

It’s time to look forward to the future and its possibilities. Technological advancements continuously offer new ways to work more efficiently and effortlessly. Automation is set to evolve and significantly expand in the coming years. The exponential development of artificial intelligence already provides hope for a future where healthcare professionals can focus on their expertise: delivering high-quality patient care.

It’s in everyone’s interest to eliminate unnecessary paperwork, routines, and tasks. It’s wise to let computers handle routine calculations to prevent human errors. We need nurses and doctors – especially where the patients are. While AI can accomplish much, it can never replace human interactions. At Forsante, our mission is to assist in this endeavor. We let machines do what they excel at, while enabling humans to do what they do best.