Forsante Anamnesis

Forsante Anamnesis is a digital medical history questionnaire service for hospitals. Due to screening automation, healthcare professionals don’t need to go through the medical histories of every patient coming to a procedure.

Forsante Anamnesis complements the electronic health record system by automatically categorising patients based on their answers, and guiding the treatment process. Forsante Anamnesis allocates the patients – based on their answers to the pre-operative questionnaire – into green, yellow and red lanes, and automatically forwards the information to the right professional.

The algorithms and questions of the forms can be customised to fit the needs of the healthcare unit.

After the deployment of Forsante Anamnesis service, healthcare professionals no longer have the need to go through every questionnaire. Forsante Anamnesis automatically categorises and moves these forms into green, yellow and red lanes, based on answers.


Green lane

A form in the green lane belongs to a patient with good basic health. This kind of patient doesn’t normally require preparations prior to a procedure. About one third of all of the forms are in the green lane.

Savings in work time

Forsante Anamnesis saves significant amount of work time: before the procedure, doctors only need to go through the forms with red colour-coding. According to Forsante Statistics, less than one fifth of all the forms are in the red lane. This saves up to 80 % of the doctors’ time.

Ease of use

The anamnesis form in Forsante is easy to fill in. The questions are also updated based on the answers given by the patient, as well as their age and gender.


The forms in Forsante Anamnesis service are easy to fill in. The patient can decide, whether they want to use the paper form or digital form. If they use the paper form and send it via regular mail, the form will then be processed into digital form. Therefore it is possible to collect medical histories from almost all patients.