Forsante software platform is developed by a Finnish family company Forsante Ltd. The company has provided reliable and user-friendly software solutions for healthcare professionals for more than 20 years. Forsante helps healthcare organisations and professionals to thrive in their work, which results in a better treatment experience, safety and health for the patients.

For Health, For Trust, Forsante.

Forsante’s dedicated team maintains and develops Forsante software platform for healthcare, with the goal of helping healthcare organisations and professionals in their daily work. For patients this means better treatment experience, safety and health. At the same time, new and better treatment models are being implemented within the healthcare sector.

The development of Forsante started with the observations made by Mikko Tiihonen, MD, in his job as a doctor. He also had a background in developing health IT.

Based on these observations, Tuula Metsälä formed the first business plan for the company as her MBA diploma work. She has been part of developing the business since the very beginning, and also worked as the CEO of the company between the years 2012-2020. The vision was – and still is – to develop service applications that assist busy healthcare professionals in their everyday tasks, while also improving treatment quality.

Forsante works closely with different healthcare sector agents. A great example of this collaboration is a specialist network created by Forsante and Finnish doctors, discussing the use of software robotics in healthcare.

History of Forsante

This timeline consist of the most important events in Forsante's history.

  1. Valuecode Ltd (currently Forsante Ltd) is founded. The company starts to develop a digital system for booking healthcare appointments. Valuecode soon faces challenges, since the partner responsible for the technology goes bankrupt. Nevertheless, Valuecode has gained a lot of knowledge about the information security standards of the healthcare sector, and starts to offer consultation related to these issues - all the way until 2006.

  2. Forsante version 1.0 is released and Valuecode focuses on developing softwares with a high level of information security. Forsante Messaging - which is used for secure messaging between doctors, nurses and patients - is introduced.

  3. Valuecode starts an extensive cooperation with laboratory software company Mylab Ltd.

  4. Forsante Anamnesis and Forsante PSA are introduced.

  5. Forsante starts to support automatic text messages.

  6. Forsante version 2.0 is introduced.

  7. Forsante software robot and its AI are deployed in warfarin (Marevan®) dosing. The service is named Forsante Anticoagulation. The service is registered as a medical device in IIb class. Valuecode focuses on developing software for treatment process automation, as well as developing the Forsante software robot.

  8. Forsante version 3.0 and Forsante Anticoagulation are introduced, and use of the software is spreading in Finland. Extensive cooperation with Mylab is ended, but cooperation continues with laboratory software integrations.

  9. Forsante is integrated into the Finnish Kanta system. Now all the dosages and other treatment information are visible to all healthcare professionals in Finland.

  10. Forsante Anticoagulation service starts to support special healthcare and seamless treatment chain between general and special healthcare.

  11. Lempäälä becomes the first municipality in the Pirkanmaa region to start using Forsante.

  12. Kymenlaakso healthcare district becomes the first healthcare district in Finland to use Forsante throughout all their healthcare units. Integration to the electronic health record system Lifecare is also implemented in Kymenlaakso.

  13. Forsante is developed into a software platform that automates the clinical treatment processes of conditions requiring follow-up. In addition, Forsante Anticoagulation starts to support treatment with direct oral anticoagulants. New services Forsante Mobile and Forsante CEA are also added to the platform.

  14. The company name is officially changed into Forsante in January.

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