Forsante CEA

Forsante CEA automates colon cancer follow-up. It automatically reminds the patient about an upcoming laboratory control, and sends their CEA value as well as further instructions by SMS message. The unit of care can track their patients’ values in Forsante, and will receive an alert message, if a patient hasn’t gone to their laboratory control despite of reminders, or if the CEA limit value is reached.


Savings in work time

Forsante CEA automates colon cancer follow-up, which saves the clinician’s time. Forsante CEA instructs the patient to go to a laboratory control according to the follow-up protocol, and sends them an SMS reminder before the control date. Forsante automatically analyses the laboratory results, and calculates the next control date.

Improved follow-up quality

Due to the automation in Forsante CEA service, the patient will remember their laboratory controls, and will receive their results more quickly. The service sends an automatic alert to the healthcare professionals, if the patient hasn’t been to their laboratory control, or if the result is abnormal.

Costs savings

Forsante CEA reduces the number of missed laboratory and outpatient visits, since the service automatically reminds of upcoming laboratory controls. Forsante CEA also enables a fast reaction to an increased CEA value.