Forsante Clozapine

Forsante Clozapine is a comprehensive solution for guiding and monitoring patients using clozapine.

Forsante Clozapine ensures the safe progression of the treatment process by reminding patients of laboratory check-ups, interpreting laboratory results, and alerting professionals when necessary. It implements operational recommendations and dosage guidelines based on the official guidance from the European Medicines Agency.

Forsante Clozapine reduces human errors associated with clozapine treatment. It minimizes treatment interruptions by reminding patients to take their medication and reduces treatment costs by decreasing labor-intensive and costly treatment restarts.

Forsante Clozapine enables a seamless treatment process between primary and specialized healthcare.

Forsante’s AI-based automation helps conserve critical healthcare resources and professionals’ time. It provides professionals with justifications for proposed treatment solutions. To ensure patient safety, the clozapine treatment guidance module will be CE-marked as a Medical Device fulfilling the highly demanding class IIb requirements.

Time savings

Forsante Clozapine automates stages of clozapine treatment, reducing 70% of the steps in the traditional treatment process. This saves professionals’ work time. Forsante Clozapine guides the patient to undergo laboratory tests and sends reminders via text message. Forsante automatically interprets the laboratory test results upon completion and calculates the next laboratory visit date.

Improved monitoring quality

The automation of the Forsante Clozapine service reminds the patient of upcoming laboratory tests. Patients also receive information about their laboratory results faster than before. Forsante Clozapine interprets the results and sends alerts to healthcare personnel if necessary.

Cost savings

Forsante Clozapine reduces missed outpatient visits by automatically reminding patients of approaching laboratory appointments. Additionally, Forsante Clozapine decreases restarts, resulting in cost reductions.