Forsante Anticoagulation

Forsante Anticoagulation automates the dosing of anticoagulants, treatment follow-up and making medical record entries by use of artificial intelligence. Forsante Anticoagulation service includes follow-up for both warfarin and direct oral anticoagulants. 

Due to automation, Forsante Anticoagulation service saves up to 80 % of doctors’ and nurses’ time spent in anticoagulation treatments. Forsante Anticoagulation significantly improves anticoagulation treatment quality by standardising treatment models, improving patient safety and enhancing patients’ treatment balance. Treatment quality is being measured by the TTR (time in therapeutic range) value, as well as by  follow-up of complications. The service is based on both national and international guidelines for treatment.

In order to ensure patient safety, Forsante’s warfarin treatment module has been CE marked as a class IIb Medical Device of the EU Medical Devices Directive.


Standardisation of operations models

Forsante Anticoagulation standardises the anticoagulation treatment model. During deployment Forsante’s professionals, working together with the client, will optimise the treatment model. With the help of a standardised treatment model and the functionalities of Forsante, it is possible to build a seamless treatment chain, for instance between healthcare center, hospital and home care units. Forsante Anticoagulation provides a real-time overview on the treatment process – for example on treatment quality and the proportions of patients using various anticoagulants. 

Savings in work time

Forsante automates routine tasks in anticoagulation treatment. Due to automation, work time spent in warfarin treatment process can be reduced by up to 80 percent. The service automatically calculates the correct dosage and the next control date, and produces automatically  the required medical record entries. 

The automated documentation of relevant patient data significantly saves the nurses’ and doctors’ time.

In addition, Forsante automates procedures related to direct oral anticoagulant patient controls. The Anticoagulation service shows, for example, a slowly descending haemoglobin level, or a slowly developing kidney failure. The service also supports the use of low molecular weight heparin products as a part of anticoagulation treatment process.

Costs savings

The use of Forsante Anticoagulation brings about significant costs savings by automatically extending the patient’s laboratory control period, when possible in their treatment. The service also enables an earlier intervention in case of complications. 

Improved patient satisfaction

Improved patient satisfaction

The patient will get their treatment instructions by either an SMS message or a secure web message – just a few hours after their laboratory control. The laboratory visits will also decrease in number, due to a good treatment balance and the possibility to extend the control period.