Forsante PSA

Forsante PSA service automates the follow-up of prostate cancer. It automatically reminds the patient of their laboratory control, and sends them their PSA value as well as further instructions by SMS message. The healthcare unit can track their patients’ treatments and will get notified, if a patient haven’t gone to their laboratory control despite of getting a reminder. They will also be alerted, if the patient’s PSA threshold value is breached, if the PSA velocity is too high or the PSA doubling time decreases to an alarming level.

Forsante PSA implements the follow-up protocols of European Association of Urology, The Finnish Medical Society Duodecim, and Finnish Urological Society’s Current Care Guidelines.

The service utilises artificial intelligence. Its algorithms can be adjusted based on the healthcare organisation’s policy.


Savings in work time

Forsante PSA automates many of the prostate cancer follow-up phases, which saves the professional’s time. Forsante PSA instructs the patient to go to their laboratory control based on the follow-up protocol, and reminds them of the upcoming control by SMS message. Forsante automatically analyses the laboratory results and calculates the next control date.

Improved follow-up quality

Due to the automation of Forsante PSA service, the patient is reminded of going to laboratory controls, and they will get their results even quicker. The service sends an automatic alert to the healthcare personnel, if the patient has missed the laboratory control, or if the value or PSA parameters are abnormal.

Costs savings

Forsante PSA reduces the amount of missed polyclinic and healthcare center visits, since the service automatically reminds of the upcoming laboratory control. Forsante PSA enables a prompt response to cancer recurrence, so that the salvage treatment may be started swiftly. Quick salvage treatment improves patient’s chances of survival, and is more cost-efficient for the society, than treating a metastasised cancer.